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Back button Let's understand knowledge in organisations with Nonaka and Takeuchi's SECI framework

The SECI model is a knowledge management framework developed by Japanese scholars Ikujiro Nonaka and Hirotaka Takeuchi in their book 'The Knowledge-Creating Company.' It outlines a cyclical process of knowledge creation and conversion within an organization.

The SECI model consists of four stages:

Socialization: In this stage, tacit knowledge is shared between individuals through direct interaction, such as conversation or observation. This can occur through apprenticeships, mentoring, or social interactions.

Externalization: In this stage, tacit knowledge is converted into explicit knowledge by articulating it in a form that can be shared with others, such as documents or reports. This process of externalization allows for tacit knowledge to be shared and communicated in a more formal manner.

Combination: In this stage, explicit knowledge is combined with other explicit knowledge to create new knowledge. This can occur through synthesis or comparison of different forms of explicit knowledge, such as information systems or databases.

Internalization: In this stage, new knowledge is internalized by individuals through experience, reflection, and practice. The new knowledge becomes tacit knowledge that can be shared through socialization and the cycle continues.

The SECI model emphasizes the importance of social interaction and collaboration in knowledge creation and conversion. By combining different forms of knowledge and continuously sharing and internalizing it, organizations can create new knowledge that can lead to innovation and competitive advantage.

The SECI model has been widely applied in organizations to improve knowledge management and create a knowledge-based culture. It highlights the importance of both tacit and explicit knowledge and emphasizes the need for a continuous process of knowledge creation and conversion.


(Adapted from OpenAI generated text)